The participating companies will give the following cases:

Can you imagine how many goods flow around the world, on land, by air or on water?
Goods are transported from source, handled in terminals, airports and ports. Stock is moved to and stored in warehouses, before and after it is processed in factories. Finished products are transported from the factory door to distribution centers (DCs) and from these DCs they ultimately reach their buyers through virtual shops or physical outlets. Hence, a continuous flow that always requires effort to control and improve. Districon acts within these fields of control and improvement and always searches for optimality. Districon works for customers all over the world, creating logistics solutions and addressing strategic to operational challenges. Applying in-depth knowledge and experience, we surprise our clients and partners with our results-oriented, innovative approach.

Case: Supermarkets receive their goods from a single, central distribution center. Trucks drive routes, visiting multiple supermarkets on their way. When constructing these routes, several constraints should be considered, such as the maximum capacity of a truck and a maximum route length.

Your task: You are the route planner. A basic schedule is already generated, but it does not fulfill all the wishes and constraints of the supermarkets and truck drivers. You will extend the AIMMS model to optimize the schedule, adding new constraints, and create a user interface with your results.The team which presents his solution best wins a prize!

The Cmotions case is about an insurance company losing customers. We will explain how we built a Machine Learning model to predict which segments were likely to churn (i.e. leave the company as a customer) and which segments show less likeliness. Not only will we explain how we approach a project like this, also will we elaborate on the relevance of 'soft' skills in data science, the value of the CRISP-DM framework for Data Mining and the relevance of data analysis in the customer lifetime cycle.

Have you always wondered how data science is applied in the field of consultancy? Do you want to know what the day-to-day work of a consultant is? Do you want to find out how to create value from clients’ data by doing a fun and challenging case? Then join the Capgemini Invent Case! During this case we will do our best to answer all your questions whilst challenging you using our proprietary case. The case is based on a real client using methods we actively use in our daily business. If you like to hypothesise, investigate, find the root of real problems and offer actionable solutions based on in-depth data analyses, you should sign up! We are looking forward to meeting you there.

Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime are driving the global shift in video content consumption. Consumers increasingly turn away from traditional television and instead watch videos on online services. In The Netherlands, RTL wants to become the leading local VOD player and grow its Subscription Video On Demand service Videoland from 1 million fans to 3 million fans in the next three years. You are a Data Analyst at Videoland with access to its vast data base where all user activity on the platform is stored – of course anonymized. Identify certain user behaviour patterns and create a data-based solution to improve the customer experience on Videoland

Can you beat your competition? The best Vendor Managed Inventory Solution wins
Take up the challenge and beat all your competition by participating in an exciting case (or should we say intelligence race). By defeating your competitors you will not only be honoured by ORTEC, but also receive a contract with a large oil company. All you have to do is to create the best Vendor Management Inventory (VMI) Solution. This shouldn’t be too hard for you, since you are the best in your field, right?
Case description: Your group has recently started a logistics consultancy company  in the Oil and Gas industry.  Having arranged all legal and financial details, your first goal now is to get clients. The first potential client is an oil company. This company wants to investigate the possibility of introducing Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI). VMI is a process in which the supplier is responsible for maintaining customer inventory levels. This means that the supplier will have to generate orders based on demand information from its customers. As a result, the supplier gains more freedom in planning its deliveries and can therefore optimize its delivery strategy. To introduce VMI the oil company has approached a number of different consultancy offices for a pilot study. For this study, the company has selected a number of its customers (tank stations). Information on these customers has been provided along with the pilot study. The oil company has scheduled a number of meetings with each consultancy office. These meetings are to discuss the progress of the pilot study. In these meetings the consultants can ask questions and request additional information. Present the results of your pilot study with your group members and convince the oil company your VMI Solution is simply the best.

PwC, Football analytics case description 
Sports, such as football, are becoming increasingly data driven. As one of the largest football associations in the world, FIFA stores large amounts of data. This data comprises of player data and team data, among others. Possibly there is a lot of value in this data, which is not yet all discovered. FIFA is interested in gaining more insights from this data and asks you to consult. During this case you work as a team of PwC consultants. Your team exists of data analysts with different (technical) backgrounds. You'll be advising the FIFA and will help them to deliver value from their data. Try to act as a professional consultant, taking into account all stages of delivering on an assignment. Make sure that you take into account all aspects relevant to the FIFA.

Insurer Milli has been selling life insurances for centuries. However, the company has been featured in the news quite frequently in 2018. According to the media the company is in bad financial shape. Furthermore, some of the board members have resigned and De Nederlandsche Bank is actively interfering with day-to-day business. The current management and shareholders of the insurance company would like to try to sell the company. Insurer Man has growth ambitions and is considering a possible take-over. The advisers of Student Consulting are asked to determine the economic value of Milli. In addition to a thorough valuation of the Milli portfolio, they are also requested to assist in the negotiations about the final price.  Bring your own laptop for the case!
Please note that the Milliman case will be in Dutch.

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