The International Programme (IP) is a combination of several inhouse days in the Netherlands and a foreign trip. In the fall of each year, the location for the International Programme is announced. After the announcement, it is possible to apply for one of the 16 available spots. A selection procedure will follow and the committee will announce which 16 people have been selected to be a participant of the IP. The students will be selected on the basis of study performance, curriculum vitae, and motivation.

In advance of the trip, the participants will go to various inhousedays in the Netherlands to get a broader view of the job perspective of an econometrician. Various institutions will be visited in all fields of econometrics. Next to the inhouse days, one or two activities will be organized in order for the participants to get to know each other.

In 2020 VESTING was supposed to go to Seoul. However, due to the circumstances around Covid-19 the International Programme 2020 was canceled.

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