Flow Traders- 20 February                                                              

Flow Traders is a leading global technology-enabled liquidity provider, specialized in Exchange Traded Products (ETPs). They are able to grow their organization further, thereby ensuring that their trading desks in Europe, the Americas and Asia provide liquidity across all major exchanges, globally, 24 hours a day. Founded in 2004, Flow Traders continues to cultivate the entrepreneurial, innovative and team-oriented culture that has been with them since the beginning.

Optiver- 14 March                                                                                      

Optiver is a leading global electronic market maker, focused on pricing, execution and risk management. They provide liquidity to financial markets using own capital and trading a wide range of products:from listed derivatives, cash equities, ETFs and bonds to foreign exchange. Represented globally in Amsterdam, Chicago, Shanghai and Sydney, their diverse team is united by the mission to improve the market.

Deloitte- 14 March                                                                                      

Deloitte is a leading multinational in the field of audit, consulting, financial advisory and risk management. The company is well known for being one of the ‘big four’ accounting firms. Deloitte operates across the world in more than 100 locations.


Strategy&- 21 March                                                                                  

PwC’s Strategy& helps clients develop practical strategies to address their biggest challenges – and turn ideas into action. Strategy&, PwC's strategy consulting group, is a new kind of consulting business. Strategy& is a leading strategy team in its own right and helps PwC as a whole become the pre-eminent strategy-through-execution firm. Strategy& is unique and offers clients something they can’t get elsewhere: a combination of strategy consulting expertise, and a proven track record of delivery, with unrivalled global scale and experience.

Aegon - 5 April                                                                                             

Aegon provides leading financial services that helps around 40 million clients worldwide in asset management, pensions and insurance. Currently Aegon is active in Europe, Asia, North and South America, Brazil, India and China. Aegon develops understandable solutions that make customers financially fit and independent. Focussing on technological innovations resulted in a number of special start-ups. Such as Kroodle, the first Facebook insurer, and Knab, a rapidly growing financial platform.

Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE)                                                                 

The TWSE  is located in the financial district of Taipei. The Stock Exchange main goals include driving Taiwan’s economic growth by developing new financial products, improving Taiwan's capital markets and strengthening the nation's international competitiveness.

ALP Logistics                                                                                                

Ally Logistics Property is one of the first world-class smart logistics centers established in Taiwan. The company built over a half million square meters of modern green warehouse and logistics infrastructure in Taiwan. Examples of multinationals that uses ALP’s smart logistics solution are H&M, Johnnie Walker, Bosch, Unilever, and DHL .

Grant Thornton                                                                   

Grant Thornton is a leading global consultancy firm that provides assurance, tax and auditing services. The company operates in more than 130 countries with more than 50.000 employees. Grant Thornton Taiwan has 4 offices in the country with a revenue of approximately US $8.11 million. 

Tata Consultancy Service(TCS)                                                                   

TCS is a multinational part of the Tata group with offices in 46 countries. The company in one of the world largest companies that provides information technology (IT) services and business solutions. The services include banking, finance, insurance and others, such as energy, hi-tech, healthcare, governance and transportation.

Willis Towers Watson                                                                                         

Willis Towers Watson is a global operating consultant broker. With over 40.000 employees in more than 140 countries, Willis Towers Watson is considered one of the largest consulting firms worldwide. They aim to deliver solutions to risk management problems, risk financing, fusions, company takeovers and more.


SAP is a global business software company, developing technologies that make a real impact on critical problems in the world. The company provides services in different industries, for example healthcare, airlines, banking, blockchain, security and smart cities. 


Deloitte Taiwan a leading multinational in the field of audit, consulting, financial advisory and risk management. In Taiwan Deloitte is represented with  5 offices in the country and is headquartered in Taipei.

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