This year VESTING will head off to the far east! From the 18th until the 28th of may 2018 a group of 20 selected students will be travelling to Beijing to experience both business culture and academic education in China.

In advance of the trip the participants have gone to various inhousedays in the Netherlands. The companies that we have visited are shown under the tab ‘Companies’. Besides the inhousedays there have also been two introductory activities for the group to get to know each other.

During the 9 days in Beijing we will visit several companies with the goal to experience Chinese business culture. The companies differ greatly in their specialties and shine a light on how our study skills can be applied abroad. More information about the companies can be found under the tab ‘companies’.
Of course, there will also be some time to visit the most beautiful attractions in Beijing, such as The Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, the Summer Palace and many more. During the trip visiting the Great Wall will even be included in the programme. On regular weekdays we will mainly visit companies, whilst during the weekends there is more time to get a glance at China’s beautiful culture.

The participation fee is €499 and includes the following:
- Planetickets
- Visum costs (up to 127 euros)
- Hostel
- Breakfast
- One dinner
- Introductory activity
- Trip to the Great Wall
- Travel allowance for transport to inhousedays, airports and companies and groupactivities in Beijing.
- Excellent guidance by travel coordinator Aranka van Dalen

Are you interested in Chinese (business) culture and would you love to accompany us during the trip? Then apply now! More information about the selection procedure can be found here.
For more information, please contact any of the committeemembers by phone or email to


Sander de Vries


Travel Coordinator

Aranka van Dalen


External Affairs

Bob Resink


External Affairs

Lisa van der Leij


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