To illustrate the content of the IP, a summary of the programme of IP 2017 and the programme of IP 2016 is given below.

Programme IP 2017: Bogotá

The participants to Bogotá left on Thursday the 18th of May. The flight was long, but still the participants were full of energy and enthousiasm when they arrived (local time) Friday morning. After a quick stop at the hostel to refresh, the group took a taxi to the historic centre of Bogotá and walked around before having their first Colombian lunch. Later in the afternoon all the students went to the Monserrate, a high mountain top visible from every street in Bogotá, to watch the sunset. The weekend was similar to the Friday: the students got to know Bogotá and its Colombian culture. They did so by a graffiti tour and a food tour on Saterday. On Sunday the group splitted and some went to explore more parts of the city, while others went rafting. 

Monday afternoon the first company visit was planned. The group went to the Embassy and the Holland House, an organisation trying to help the cooperation of Colombian and Dutch companies settling in both countries. Every evening dinner plans were free, but most of the time the group sticked together, just like this evening. Tuesday a long day full of presentations, a tour and a case was planned at Fondo Nacional de Garantias (FNG), which is a government fund.

On Wednesday the University was visited. The group worked hard on a case and had a traditional lunch at the Campus. The afternoon was planned as leisure time, in which some watched the Europe League Final of Ajax against Manchester United in a pub with only Dutch people! The next day the students had the morning off, which resulted in an unforgettable evening on Wednesday (of course). Thursday afternoon the Bolsa de Valores de Colombia, the stock exchange, was visited. Here multiple presentations and an interesting tour were given. Friday was the last day of company visits, which all took place at the University. In the morning the group worked on a case of SAS, while in the afternoon a presentation and case were provided by CAOBA, a data center affiliated with the university and multiple multinationals, such as SAS. The last day, Saturday, all the participants went to a national park to explore some of Colombia's beautiful nature. 

Programme IP 2016: Mumbai

On Friday April 29, the group of 20 VESTING Members took the train to Schiphol early in the morning. After hours of traveling we arrived in Mumbai very early on Saturday (local time). Luckily, we were all able to enter India with our visa. As soon as we stepped outside the airport, we all felt the extreme heat. A bus was waiting for us to bring us to our hotel and luckily it had air-conditioning! After dropping our luggage and changing into some summer clothes, it was time to explore Mumbai. We spent the day walking around. We saw some locals playing cricket, and visited the Courthouse and a museum. But what we all remember the most is the number of people asking to take a picture with us. At the beginning, it seemed cute, until we arrived at the Gateway of India and there was no escaping it. Quite special, we shall say. On Sunday, we woke up around 5:00h to go and explore Mumbai by bike. Early in the morning it wasn’t too hot yet, and there wasn’t too much traffic yet. The latter was very important, because a 3-lane road is seen in Mumbai as a 5-lane road…

On Monday afternoon, the first company visit was planned. Therefore, in the morning we had time to visit the biggest outdoor laundry room, of Mumbai/India/the world (not too sure what is correct). The company we visited on Monday was Canara Robeco, where we listened to a presentation about how India is doing economically. Tuesday, we had to wake up early again for our visit to Apollo Logistics Solutions, a company just outside Mumbai. Here we saw how containers are filled by hard working Indians. At the end of the day we went to an exposition of the Dutch photographer Martin Roemers for which we were invited via the consulate. On Wednesday, we took the bus to the slums to visit AMIL Microfinance. This was definitely the most Indian office we have seen during the trip: super small, plastic chairs, no air-conditioning, very informal. In the afternoon, we visited the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) which was quite the opposite on the morning visit: huge office, big conference room, working air-conditioning, very formal! On Thursday, we made a visit to the IIT Bombay (an university). We were welcomed by a group of Indian students and a professor of the IIT School of Management. After the interactive presentation of the professor, some students gave us a tour around the big campus. In the afternoon, it was time to relax and to cool down, it was time to take a dive into a swimming pool. Friday, we had our last company visits. We started the day by visiting Deloitte in Mumbai. After Deloitte, we were welcomed by the consulate to hear about the Aegon Life and we had dinner at the home of the consul. It was definitely a night to remember!

Before leaving on Monday the 9th of May, we spent the weekend doing cultural and fun things! We visited Dharavi, the biggest slum of Asia, had the ultimate Indian experience by taking the train, and some people were even invited to an Indian wedding but unfortunately couldn’t go. We also visited the Gateway of India, for where we took a boat to visited Elphanta Island.

It was most definitely a trip to remember!

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