One of the aims of VESTING is to promote the contact between her members, which is partly accomplished by organizing informal activities throughout the year.

Each academic year starts off with the VESTING Introduction Weekend, which takes place the weekend before the lecture weeks start. During this weekend the freshmen can get to know each other and VESTING. This weekend is organized by the Introduction Weekend Committee. In addition VESTING organizes several freshmen activities during the first weeks of the academic year. 

Another weekend events organized by VESTING are the Hitchhiking Weekend and the Sailing Weekend, organized by the Hitchhiking Committee and the Sailing Weekend Committee respectively. The hitchhiking and sailing weekend take place every other year. This means that in 2017 the sailing weekend took place and hence the hitchhiking weekend will take place in 2018.
Halfway the academic year, the Weekend Trip takes place, organized by the similar named Committee. This weekend has no predetermined activity; it's up to the committee what will be done! 

Additionally, Activitiy Committee Activities and Sports Committee Activities, for example a Casino Night or Paintball. are organized throughout the year. More information about the committees themselves can be found here (AC) and here (SC)

Furthermore specific activities are organized for the masters and for the international students.

The VESTING Board organizes several symposia throughout the year, which are an informal way of getting to know more about the career path that's ahead of you. Also several informal activities such as Parents' Day and the General Members Meetings are organized by the board. Regularly VESTING organizes informal activities with companies with the aim to get to know the specific company in an informal way. 

In cooperation with the other econometric study associations in the Netherlands, the National Econometrician Sport Tournament (LEST) and the National Econometrician Day (LED) are organized. The latter is one of the largest career events for econometric students in the Netherlands. More information about the LED can be found on

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