Please note that the VESTING Lustrum will be postponed. Due to the additional measures announced by the government on the 28th of September, we do not deem it safe nor possible to organize the 6th VESTING Lustrum.

In October 2020 VESTING will celebrate her 30th birthday. This festivity will not go by unnoticed, and therefore we will again recruit a Lustrum Committee and a Lustrum Almanac Committee to make sure a spectacular and memorable week will be organized! The lustrum week of VESTING takes place in October 2020 and will be filled with many different activities, both social and study-related. As part of the Lustrum Almanac Committee you are responsible for creating the VESTING Lustrum Almanac. This Almanac will not only be about the festivities held in the lustrum week, but also about VESTING during the five years leading up to this week of festivities. Furthermore, it will pay attention to all the people who contribute to VESTING being the study association we all enjoy.

The theme of the sixth VESTING Lustrum is 'il milione'! The 6th lustrum of VESTING is coming closer! The theme for this lustrum is inspired by the book of Marco Polo, in which he documented his travels. During one of these travels, he was gifted the largest natural pearl by a Mongolian emperor, to think him for all his service. The book is called Il Milione.

From 6-13 October, we will celebrate it with a week filled with activities. You can join the following
- Tuesday 06/10: Opening Social at Stadslab
- Wednesday 07/10: Separate activities for both men and women (enrollments will open later)
- Thursday 08/10: Lustrum Career Experience
- Friday 09/10: Skeet Shooting Clinic and Master Social
- Saturday 10/10: Alumni Cooking Workshop
- Monday 12/10: VESTING Sports Battle
- Tuesday 13/10: Final Party at Stadslab
We are looking forward to seeing you there! Make sure to enroll :).


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