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Date: Sunday 4 October 2020

Please note that this activity will be postponed. Due to the additional measures announced by the government on the 28th of September, we do not deem is safe nor possible to organize the 6th VESTING Lustrum.


If you do not feel comfortable choosing between being a man or a woman during the activity, or if you do not feel like you belong to either group, please contact Mick van Ottele (voorzitter@devesting.nl or +31 6 34501321). We will then try to find a solution for your situation.

On Wednesday the 7th of October, the Lustrum Committee will organise a day filled with both a ‘Women Only’ and a ‘Men Only’ event! At the end of the day, both groups will meet up again to enjoy a nice dinner.

For the men joining this day, we will go to de Postwagen in Tolbert to improve our axe throwing skills! Forgot how to fight like a real caveman? This is your chance to refresh your memory, so make sure to enroll! Note that there is a maximum capacity. If this maximum is passed, you will be put on the waiting list. We will let you know if you can join! The costs for joining this day will be €10.

Corona measures during the activity:

  • Participants will keep 1,5 meters distance from each other at all times
  • Participants agree with sharing name and telephone number with de Postwagen
  • Participants will respect the measures taken by VESTING and the location. The board will give warnings if necessary. At three or more warnings, they are free to remove the participant in question from this event.

Furthermore, one cannot participate if:

  • One has experienced Corona-related symptoms in the 48 hours prior to the event
  • One has been in contact with a person infected by Corona in the 10 days prior to the event
  • One has visited a country for which the travel advisory is orange or red in the 10 days prior to the event

If you cannot participate due to the above rules, please let us know so that we can contact people from the waiting list!

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