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Date: Monday 8 March 2021

On Monday the 8th of March the General Members Meeting (in Dutch: ALV) will take place. During this meeting, the current VESTING Board will present the accomplishments of their board year. In addition, the board transition will take place. The VESTING Board 2021-2022 will present their plans for their board year, and also officially start their board year! 

The General Members Meeting will take place online and will start at 19:30 sharp. From 19:00 onwards, the link to join the meeting will be open. Please note that it is mandatory to sign up for the General Members Meeting below. The deadline for signing up is Sunday March 7, 23:59.

After the General Members Meeting, it is possible to join an online social to congratulate the VESTING Board 2021-2022 and say goodbye to the VESTING Board 2020-2021. For this, the VESTING Board offers you a specialty beer package for free for the online social afterwards, if you sign up before Thursday the 4th of March, 23:59!

You are able to download the minutes of the HALV and the general documents (without the minutes) here, from the 1st of March onwards. The meeting documents are in Dutch as well.

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