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To stay at the forefront of developments in the container handling business and to consolidate our leading position in the field of software for automated container equipment, TBA is constantly working on various R&D initiatives. These initiatives are often supported by trainees from various universities. We mostly work with students with a background in Operations Research, Engineering or Computer Science, but we are also looking for students that have affinity with simulation and modeling of logistic processes.

Examples of subjects for traineeships at TBA:

  • Creating a deadlock free routing and claiming algorithm for automated vehicles in a network of nodes and edges.
  • Studying an autonomous vehicle routing system and compare it with a centrally controlled system.
  • Investigating the use of priority claiming in a routing system for automated vehicles.
  • Deploying more intelligence in the conflict control between manned trucks to model more accurately human behavior.
  • Analyzing storage requirements for bulk terminals by studying the stochastic arrival patterns and determine a procedure for estimating the required storage size.
  • Comparing different solver packages for solving a scheduling problem using mixed-integer linear programming.

A traineeship typically takes around 6 months.

Why do a Traineeship at TBA?

Solving complex problems and designing large-scale systems using advanced models and tools. With more than 100 employees, TBA is a rapidly growing consultancy company that uses simulation, emulation and software to optimize the logistic processes of container terminals, intermodal facilities, airports, manufacturing plants and other logistic systems all over the world. TBA was founded in 1996 and is still carefully expanding its business across the globe, whilst maintaining a leading position in advanced applications for container terminals.

Are you interested?

We would be happy to further define a subject together with you and your supervisor. For more information, please contact Melanie van Wijngaarden at

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