Plastic recycling, retail in Asia, banking in the Middle East, funding of the Dutch health system, electric driving… the one thing these topics have in common is that I knew virtually nothing about them a couple of months ago, and that I have done projects on each of them since. My name is Marieke Vollebregt and I work as a strategy consultant at Strategy&. I did my BSc in Econometrics in Groningen from 2010 to 2014; you probably remember me as a member of the legendary VESTING Board 2013-2014. After some internships, travels, and my MSc at the UvA, it was finally time for life to really start: work! 

As a strategy consultant you need to have a broad range of interests, as you can infer from the examples above. Analytical skills come in handy, but do not expect to use fancy econometric techniques: you will develop yourself more in the fields of business sense and convincingly conveying messages to clients and colleagues. Expect a challenging but even more rewarding job. Most importantly, you will need to be prepared to have a lot of fun. If you are interested, there are loads of opportunities to discover the world of strategy consulting before actually applying for a job: attend business courses, visit in-house days, or contact me personally.

Marieke Vollebregt

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