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About Belsimpel

Who we are
Since its foundation in Groningen in 2008, Belsimpel has become a big part of the telecom market as a tech company. With a close-knit team of over 500 motivated, enthusiastic and honest students and professionals, including over 50 (business) development colleagues, we go above and beyond every day to change the Mobile World. We’re not a provider, nor a store or search engine. We’re a way of life, a Method™ to help customers find their perfect mobile telecom match.

What we do
As Belsimpel has grown a further 50% in 2018 (turnover of 200 million in 2017), more and more customers are visiting our website. More customers means higher traffic and with a million visitors each month, we’re generating an unbelievable amount of data. As a progressive company, we extract valuable information from the available data to improve the efficiency of our website and marketing efforts. That’s why our Data Driven Developers and Marketers work hard every day to optimise the conversion. As Data Scientist, you’ll work with large data sets every day. Developing smart solutions makes us feel like winners!

What we can offer
We offer multidisciplinary challenges that require solving complex puzzles using theory from your Econometrics & Operations bachelor’s or master’s degree. As Belsimpel is constantly evolving, you’ll be able to grow within the company. This means you’ll face a steep learning curve and your work will directly impact the entire company.

Love solving complex puzzles every day and want to be part of our winning spirit? Join us as full-time Business Developer or Data Scientist, write your final project at Belsimpel or join us as a part-time colleague during the final phase of your degree to work on smaller projects that bring the future a step closer. For more information, please visit

During my bachelor in econometrics I was looking for a side job, and I started working at Belsimpel as a customer service agent. As my study progressed, I wanted to apply my knowledge in practice. Luckily, Belsimpel offers many opportunities for econometricians! I switched positions within Belsimpel, and joined the Data Driven Marketing team.

With my team I analyze all the views, clicks and sales that come in from our online marketing efforts. With this huge amount of data that is available, I work on projects that are very diverse, and have a lot of impact. Many young, smart people work at Belsimpel, and whenever I do not understand something, my coworkers are happy to help me. This allows me to quickly learn new things and develop skills I already have from my study. I mostly plan my own hours, so I can combine my job with my study. And with (very) many socials, activities, and outings, working at Belsimpel is more fun than I had ever expected from a side job!

Apart from side jobs, it is possible to write a master thesis at Belsimpel for different fields within the EORAS master, and Belsimpel is always looking for econometricians for different full time positions. So if you are looking for an interesting, challenging and fun job next to/ after your studies, I would definitely recommend Belsimpel!

~ Lisa van der Leij

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