About Northpool

About Northpool

Northpool is a commodity trading company, based in Leiden, the Netherlands. Northpool’s main focus lies with energy and weather related commodities and is currently active on the power and gas markets. With the future going forward to an even more sustainable energy environment, anticipating the future energy trends for the coming years is imperative. Technologies that improve the energy efficiency will emerge and the share of renewable energy will continuously increase.

With wind, sun and rain as ideal sustainable energy sources, the weather has become increasingly important in the energy markets. Variations in weather lead to volatility in the power market. Northpool’s employees have excellent understanding of the market drivers and have extensive experience in trading and operating in these markets.

Northpool’s expertise

  • Fundamental knowledge

Northpool has a strong knowledge on the fundamental drivers in the energy market. Northpool’s models and analyses are driven by data, designed by experienced traders and analysts.

  • Market efficiency

Norhtpool’s trading strategies lead to a more efficient power market. The trading strategies are strongly driven the combination of market data and technological possibilities.

  • Seeking opportunities

Northpool is always seeking opportunities in the market. Traders seize opportunities on a daily basis and they initiate new innovations to seize more in the future.

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