Many students see spending time abroad while studying as an enrichment to their studies. You gain precious experiences, improve on your knowledge of languages an laern to be more independent.

Within the bachelor Econometrics and Operations Research a semester abroad belongs to the many possibilities of filling in your student time. Especially the first semester of year 3 is suitable for spending abroad. In theory, you can find replacing cources for the electives at the RUG, but unfortunately practice has taught us that this is almost never the cases; you will probably have to retake some courses.

The easiest way to study abroad is to make use of the RUG Exchange Programme. That way you can study at a univeristy that has ties with the RUG, simplifying some procedures. If the Exam Committee approves of your courses, you can use the credits attained abroad in your RUG study programme. Above that, you will still be paying colle tuition at the RUG, which is appealing since Dutch tuition rates are relatively cheap.

If your university of choice does not have ties with the RUG, you might still be able to go there as a free mover. This means you will have to put in more work yourself and you will have to pay tuition both at your school of choice and the RUG.

This list of universities shows what universities have ties with the RUG.

Information meetings
The RUG organises information meetings concerning 'study abroad', in the form of both workshopsand a 'Study Abroad Fair'. More information about the workshop can be found on the Nestor page 'study abroad WS 2nd and 3rd year students'. The date for the 'Study Abroad Fair' is to be anounced. It will take place in the Plaza. This fair gives you the opportunity to gather specific information about foreign universities. 

Apart from the facilities the RUG offers you to get information on studying abroad, you can contact one of the writers of the Student Reports to talk to them about studying abroad and their preparations for it.

The deadline for subscription for studying abroad is dependent of your destination:

  • The deadline for FEB exchange outside of Europe is Febuary 1st, 23:59.
  • The deadline for FEB exchange inside of Europe is March 1st, 23:59.

For more information, see the RUG website about 'study abroad'.

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