To make studying abroad financially appealing, several scholarships are available for RUG student appliance. Each specific scholarship will list its requirements on their website, which can be found below. 

Erasmus Scholarships

Erasmus scholarships or grants are available for students applying for a university that has a partnerships with the RUG. The scholarship is considered a contribution to travel and living costs abroad. The amount of the grant depends on your country of destination. 

Marco Polo Fund

The Marco Polo Fund is meant for students who are not considered for an Erasmus scholarship. Applying for this grants happens automatically when you apply for an Erasmus grant, so you do not need to apply for it separately.

Groningen University Fund

The fund is meant to promote studying at the RUG. Studying through the FEB Exchange Program is a part of this.


Beursopener is a database listing several funds, scholarships and grants that might be applicable to you!

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