How does VESTING serve its freshmen?
Apart from the general activities, VESTING has some special activities for its freshmen.

Introduction Weekend
We're proud to say that almost all of our students-to-be participate in this fun weekend just before the academic year kicks off. It is the perfect way to get to know your fellow students! For more information, check this link.

At the start of each semester, we organize a booksale in collaboration with WO4YOU. Here you can find a link to WO4YOU, where you can find an overview of the required literature and buy all the books that you need for the bachelor Econometrics and Operations Research and the master Econometrics, Operations Research and Actuarial Studies. All literature is checked by the corresponding course coordinator to make sure that all books are correct and up to date. 

First Years Lunch and LaTeX Workshop
When the first week begins, we host a lunch for all freshmen and a LaTeX Workshop, making sure you have everything you need to start off your year flawlessly. These two events take place on the same day. The freshmen lunch is free of charge and takes place at the ACLO at Zernike. LaTeX is the mathematical variant of Microsoft Word. Within the studies of econometrics LaTeX is used very regularly and for this reason VESTING organizes a workshop about this programme. The workshop is free of charge. 

Freshmen Symposium
The Freshmen Symposium is the first peek into business life for freshmen only. During this day freshmen will have the opportunity to listen to several interesting speakers and apply their knowledge of econometrics in case rounds. 

Freshmen Committees
A lot of committees are open for freshmen, such as the Sports Committee, the Activity Committee, the Weekend Trip Committee, the Sailing Weekend Committee, the Intoduction Weekend Committee and the Freshmen Symposium Committee. More information about these committees can be found at this page

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