What are the daily activities of an Internal Affairs Coordinator? Obviously, this ecompasses the recruitment and guidance of committees. But your functions are broader than this, and are widely varied. Below I will illustrate this.

It is considered a cliche, but VESTING would not be able to survive without its active members and it is your job to motivate members to become active and to keep them enthusiastic. Besides the recruitment of committees, you conduct the interviews and the constructions of good committees are your responsibility. But, this is not all. You are the coordinator of a share of the committees that VESTING has. You are the bridge between these committees and the board. Apart from helping the committees with any questions they have, you report their progress to the rest of your board during weekly meetings. Therefore, you have a lot of contact with (active) members!

Furthermore, you cooperate with the faculty in search for mentors to guide first year students in their first semester. Again, here you are responsible for both their recruitment and their interviews. The difference from regular VESTING Committees is that mentors apply for the job with the faculty. Once the board decides on who the assign as a mentor, you discuss this choice the faculty for their final approval.

In short; are you a people's person, are you creative and are you comfortable organizing activities, then this function will suit you very well. For any questions, hop by at the VK or send me an email.

Joep Nieuwenburg
+31 6 13 23 35 19

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