As a member of the Hitchhiking Committee, you will organize the bi-annual Hitchhiking Weekend. The Hitchhiking Weekend consists of a competition in which students will hitchhike in teams to a destination. The destination will be given to the participants in the morning, and must be reached by the evening. The first team to reach the place, wins the famous Hitchhiking Cup. 

As Chairman of the Hitchhiking Committee, you will guide the committee in the right direction. You will have to consider whether all committee members are carrying out their tasks and what still needs to be done to organize the Hitchhiking Weekend. You lead the meetings, make the agenda’s and set the deadlines for the whole committee. Next to that, you will have contact with the board and keep them up to date with what is going on.

As Secretary of the Hitchhiking Committee, you are responsible for contact outside the committee. You are for instance responsible for keeping the mail up to date and are in contact with the participants as the weekend approaches.  Next to that, you will make the minutes of the meetings of the committee.

As Treasurer of the Hitchhiking Committee, you are responsible for the financial matters surrounding the Hitchhiking Weekend. This means that you will be responsible for both the budget and realization. Within the budget and realization, you will have to take into account all expenses of the Hitchhiking Weekend, such as groceries, transport and necessities for the activities.

Activity Coordinator
As Activity Coordinator of the Hitchhiking Committee, you are responsible for all activities during the Hitchhiking Weekend. You will look at which restaurants and bars can be visited and look for some fun activities to do in the city that will be visited.

Travel Coordinator
As the travel coordinator of the Hitchhiking Committee, you are primarily responsible for the outward journey: making sure everyone eventually arrives at the chosen destination. Some students will not be able to reach the destination in time. Therefore, there should be a “support car” which can pick up all the students that experience difficulties with finding lifts. You will probably be in this car, keeping the overview. Besides, you should arrange the return journey.

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