The Lustrum Committee organizes the VESTING Lustrum, once every five years, a festive event to celebrate the existence of VESTING. 

As part of the Lustrum Committee you have the opportunity to organize a broad variety of events and activities to celebrate the 30th anniversary of VESTING. The lustrum week of VESTING takes place in October 2020 and will be filled with many different activities, both social and study-related. You have a lot of freedom in choosing which activities will be organized. The one guideline that you have is that a Lustrum Symposium has to be organized, since there is no Career Experience in our lustrum year. Furthermore, it is usual to organize an opening party and a ball to end the week! Lastly, it is important to give you attention to all different members VESTING has, so you can look at the possibilities of having events specifically for active members, alumni, masters or former boards. 

The committee responsible for the upcoming 30th anniversary of VESTING consists of Annemieke Westerhof (Chairman), Marnix Peek (Secretary/Treasurer), Hannah Froklage (Activity Coördinator), Melanie Davids (external affairs I) en Sabina Kamerling (external affairs II & PR).

f.l.t.r.: Marnix Peek, Hannah Froklage, Annemieke Westerhof, Sabina Kamerling, Melanie Davids.

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