The Data Analytics Team (DAT) is an opportunity for second-year students and higher to work on projects with local start-up companies by combining data-analysis and consultancy to give them a suiting policy. The Data Analytics Team is a great opportunity for bachelor and/or master students to get in touch with the practical side of econometrics and to develop analytic skills. DAT succesfully finished its first project with WoodWatch and is currently working on a project with Pockies. The Data Analytics Team is looking for new team members to join the team for their third project.

The Data Analytics Team consists of Max Drese, Jochem Hak, Elja Vegter, Coert Schrijver, Roel Hulsman and is coordinated by Femke van Essen.

F.l.t.r.: Coert Schrijver, Jochem Hak, Elja Vegter, Femke van Essen, Max Drese and Roel Hulsman. 

To apply for the Data Analytics Team, go to: Subscribe for the DAT.

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