VESTING pays a lot of attention to the information on its website. Possible author’s rights on the content, shapes, images and the program are all property of VESTING. If you find any material on the website which you believe infringes any third party or property rights, please contact secretaris@devesting.nl. VESTING cannot be held responsible for the information provided on the website. She cannot guarantee that the services which are offered on the website are all available.

Privacy Protocol
If you become a VESTING Member, you will be asked to provide VESTING some personal information. Details submitted to VESTING are under the responsibility of her. VESTING values the privacy of its members. Therefore, VESTING keeps the information which VESTING Members provide VESTING secure and confidential. For any further information regarding your privacy, we would like to address you to our privacy policy.

Special circumstances
In case of special circumstances, such as the cancellation or relocation of a VESTING Event, she will inform the VESTING Members. In case of the cancellation of a VESTING Event due to circumstances beyond the VESTING’s control, VESTING is not liable to repay the participation fee.

Conditions of the VESTING Membership
Your membership will be automatically renewed at the start of the new academic year. The period of renewal will be one entire year. By becoming a member, you authorise VESTING to collect the membership fee from your bank account. You authorise VESTING to do this each renewed year. If you want to cancel your membership, you have to send an email to info@devesting.nl including a formal statement of cancellation of your membership. If you cancel your membership after the 31st of August  you will still be charged a membership fee for the entire academic year. Since you have to be a member of EBF as well, VESTING also shares information of their members with EBF if you are not a member. They will collect the EBF Membership fee.

For our fees policy, we would like to refer you to the fees policy document.

If you have further questions about our Terms & Conditions you can contact us at info@devesting.nl.

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