Green Initiatives 2021

January 2021

To reduce wasteful printing, all emails from the VESTING Board and Committees now include the message 'Please consider the environment before printing this email' in the email signature!


February 2021

The VESTING Board 2020-2021 organized a city walk in collaboration with Stadswandeling050 for active members! The city walk included 5 different stops for snacks and drinks at 5 different restaurants. In this way, it supported these local restaurants. As the walk was in groups of 2, it also encouraged active members to go for a long walk outside together with another active member, in a safe way!

March 2021

The Green Initiative of March focussed on the well-being of VESTING Members. To keep students moving during the exam period, an Ommetje leaderboard was set up via an app of the Hersenstichting. Students could compete to get to the top of the rankings. The more walks, or “ommetjes”, you made, the more points you could earn. In total, more than 400 walks were taken! 

April 2021

In April, the VESTING Board cycled through Groningen on a carrier cycle to collect old clothes from members for het ‘Leger des Heils’. In total, members donated more than 24 kilos of clothing. These clothes can be given to people in need. In addition, the clothing and textiles go to sorting companies. The ‘Leger des Heils’ receives money for this, which it uses to help vulnerable people in our society.

May 2021

During the month of May, the VESTING Board used a green search browser; Ecosia. Searches on Ecosia are powered by 100% renewable energy; they plant trees that fight climate change by removing CO2 from the atmosphere, and they accelerate the energy transition away from fossil fuels by adding solar energy to the electricity grid.


June 2021

The VESTING Board organized the Fifty Delivery in order to avoid food waste! Having loaded a whole lot of snacks from our famous AXECO Flow Traders Fifty Cent Shop in a rented 'bakfiets', we cycled to various places in Groningen to bring members some snacks.


July 2021

In July, the VESTING board ate completely vegetarian for a week. This saved about 600 litres of water and 5 kg of meat. In addition, the VESTING Board has stimulated vegetarian food during the International Programme Barbecue.

August 2021


September 2021


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